Parking spaces

The following parking lots are available, as far as we know.

  1. Entrance parking
  2. Opposite OKQ8 on the other side of Skolvägen, at the extension of the high school.
  3. At the Tennis Arena.
  4. At Bygdegårdsvägen there are 2 parking spaces.
  5. Intersection Bygdegårdsvägen / Enköpingsvägen.
  6. Bygdegårdsvägen by Kungsängen's church.

For those of you who come for the start at 08.00, there should be plenty of places. According to the local booking, no event shall take place in the adjacent Kungsängen sports arena. At the tennis hall, there will probably be quite a lot of cars through handball. For those of you who arrive later than 08.arena00, e.g. at 09.00, so it can be a lot. Then you may need to look for Bygdegårdsvägen's 2 car parks.
It should be possible to find places, although it may be a slightly longer walk from Bygdegårdsvägen.

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