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Schedule is now ready

The schedule for Stockholm Veteran Open 2023 is now published. See Invitation/program.

Event modifications

Based on the number of entries in the different events we have decided on these modifications...

Registration has opened

We have now opened registration for the Stockholm Veteran Open 2023. You are most welcome to register. Reservations for accommodation and food open at the beginning of 2023.

Registration moved forward a few days

The registration has been brought forward a few days. We are working on some details, but we expect to open registration next week, i.e. the week ending December 11th.

Invitation 2023 is now published

We have now published the invitation and updated the website accordingly. Signup for the tourament will start the first of December 2022.

Winner in the photo contest

The winners for the best tournament picture are Theres Lönn and the winner of the best picture from the evening activity is Ulf Karlsson. The prices for 5 cinema tickets will be sent by email during the day.

Photo contest

Reward for the best competition image and for the best mingling image in Tammsvik. The winners will receive 5 cinema tickets each sponsored by Escape Reality AB. Competition pictures are sent to no later than 22.00 Saturday evening. The winners will be chosen by a jury consisting of Lars Ericsson, Göran Aldvik and Henric Forsberg. Winning entries published on Facebook and on the website on Sunday morning.

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Support Ukraine!!!

In this competition we would have had several players from Ukraine. We all think about...

Tournament stream

We have four streaming cameras Saturday and Sunday...